Take your sales to a brand new level. Sales Superstar, will show you how to sell with our complete professional sales training system. Our sales course offers the fundamentals in sales training whether you are a beginner or Pro you can achieve superior sales skills, and sales techniques in a competitive selling environment.

  • I have spent the last 30 years selling the best in European high-end designer clothing to the most elite customers in Toronto and Montreal.

    I was fortunate to experience early success as a merchant and in the sales industry, I always looked to Tim Mulcahy as a role model. His enthusiasm, passion and success always inspired me.

    Last year, I was fortunate to read the draft of his “Sales Superstar” program. His visions and teachings opened my mind to new ideas and concepts. As a retailer, I immediately saw how understanding the fundamentals are essential for success. I shared my learnings with my team and as they implemented the fundamentals in their sales techniques, our business began to grow immediately.
    The audio version of “Sales Superstar” is now the foundation of my corporate sales training program.

    I truly believe that no matter how good you might think you are in your sales techniques, listening and applying the “Sales Superstar” fundamentals to your work practice can take you to a higher level.

    Thank you, Tim, for creating this powerful system!
    By combining the tools in “Sales Superstar” with the energy program of Truestar Health, I have improved both my organization’s health and wealth!

    George Elian Hazelton and Giorgio Emporio
  • Applying Tim's “Sales Superstar” program to our corporate training system completely transformed our company.

    As a Microsoft and HP partner, we provide an end to endless IT service for independent retailers. Our original marketing was based on a long sales cycle and an attempt to create inbound traffic via traditional advertising.

    The “Sales Superstar” fundamental of Assumption transformed our operation overnight! We began canvassing with a clear mindset: going in for the closing! This forced us to meet interest and demand immediately instead of gathering information and creating follow-up communications.

    Applying the fundamentals of “Sales Superstar” shortened our sales process which normally took four to six weeks and now deals are often closed on the first visit.

    Our sales doubled within the first month of using Tim's training system. We can prove to our clients that we have the greatest product in the world because our sales team transfer that feeling over on every encounter.

    The “Sales Superstar” fundamental of Third Party is our favorite tool as it creates instant credibility and is almost as powerful as a Referral. Going "door-to-door", or in our case, "store-to- store" has become extremely efficient and profitable.

    I highly recommend the “Sales Superstar” system to anyone set on improving sales and customer service.

    Marc Wagner LaunchPOS
  • Sales Superstar delivers!

    This is one of the best audio programs for sales professionals in years – on par with Brian Tracy’s Psychology of Selling.

    Spend just 15 to 30 minutes each day listening to Tim Mulcahy’s Sales Superstar and I guarantee that you will sell more, earn more, and quickly reach your dreams.

    Jeb Blount, Founder of SalesGravy.com Bestselling author of Power Principles, and founder of SalesGravy.com
  • Although I have been working in sales for 14 years, I can honestly say that selling has always been the essence of my life as I find my passion in the sales process.

    I have always believed that whether I was selling an outfit in a retail store, enrolling a client in a weight loss program or inspiring a dream in a staff member that I am a major contributor in helping that person achieve what he/she wants in life.

    I am fully committed to making people happier by helping them improve their lives, creating value in everything they do, meeting their needs and exceeding their expectations.

    My sales have always soared like an eagle and many people believe that I was born a natural Sales Superstar. Even though I have never found selling to be difficult, in August of 2003, my goals and work habits were raised to a whole new level when I encountered what would become the opportunity of a lifetime! I found a career that offered me the ability to positively change lives by working in the industry I love and as if that wasn't enough, it also granted me the opportunity to work closely with Tim Mulcahy, the creator of “Sales Superstar”.

    Throughout this experience, I learned how to take full responsibility for my results and I also created massive momentum by tapping into the fundamentals. In many ways, I had already been instinctively applying most of the seven fundamentals of a perfect presentation, however with “Sales Superstar”, I now had a formal system that explained these concepts in a straightforward and easy-to-use manner and almost immediately noticed how my personal sales skills improved dramatically as did my ability to train and influence my team.

    The greatest rewards have come from applying the “5 Fundamentals of Personal and Sales Growth”. I used to be a sales woman in a competitive world that knew she could sell well most days, but I still dealt with the frustrations of not being a master of my skills or at not being able to fully inspire others.

    Now, I am a sales woman who knows exactly what to do to make herself and others successful in this industry. The exact nature of the fundamentals of selling are black and white and as clear as day. With the aid of Tim's “Sales Superstar” CD series, I have not only increased my sales potential and closing rate, but have also opened my mind to new ideas.

    I have lessened my frustrations, dominated my inner motivation and most importantly, harnessed my ability to teach others what I naturally did through trial and error. What took me all my selling life to master, my staff can learn in a much shorter time and with much less frustration.

    We can all grasp the ideas and understand the steps easily because we now know how to integrate the fundamentals of selling in every aspect of our lives. In reality, what “Sales Superstar” has done for me is to bring me one step closer to realizing all of my dreams. I know how to train myself and others to reach goals by overcoming objections and obstacles of the mind. Thanks to Tim's “Sales Superstar”, I have learned how to master my own skills and I now find that each work day is more pleasurable and less frustrating. I simply don't hit the same obstacles anymore.

    I have seen true motivation and momentum channeled not only in me, but also within the people I lead.

    Jessica Gable,VP Sales and Training U Weight Loss